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If you were interested in computer chess during the 1990s, you may remember WAXMAN, a no-nonsense alternative to the commercial chess software of its day: no 3-D chessboard, no animated chessmen in medieval armor, no built-in spell checker, yes chess! The program still works with older (non-64-bit) versions of Windows and you can download it here.

The suggestion to revive WAXMAN as a WinBoard chess engine came from Lex Domingo, a collector of chess software and a fan of my old program. Lex was kind enough to help me debug and test the 2008 version. Thanks, Lex!

Whether you're nostalgic for the 1990s or just need one more chess program on your hard drive, download WAXMAN and give it a try. For best results, use it with a GUI front end such as WinBoard or Arena.
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